Hi SEQ Campers Crew!

We here at SEQ notice when you start preparing your KKs ready for cool weather travel around OZ,  and our workshop gets busier and busier. We cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure your pride and joy is properly serviced and ready for the thousands and thousands of kms of trouble free travelling.

In these photos you will see the black and burnt bearings and grease which are the result of not repacking the wheel bearings regularly enough.

Though most people are fastidious in terms of servicing their vehicles every 10,000kms, many forget that their trailer is doing the same amount of travel! Not to mention that while your vehicle carries its 3 odd tons on 4 wheels, your single axle KK could be carrying up to 2.5 ton on just 2 wheels! So we should all actually be servicing our trailer wheel bearings more often than those on our vehicles!


We here at SEQ Campers suggest that wheel bearings should be repacked and your braking system checked at the very least every 10,000km or once a year depending on which comes first. There are also a few definite rules of servicing a trailer, one of which is that wheel bearing seals MUST be replaced EVERY service since the seal can split which allows dirt and water to enter the hub.

This ingress of dust and water can have catastrophic results such as shown in this photo of a collapsed wheel bearing, melted brake calliper and brake line and a badly damaged swing-arm. The repairs in parts and labour to this trailer were in excess of $3000. This didn’t include the tow truck which brough the trailer in from way out west to our SEQ Campers Workshop here on the Sunshine Coast. That couldn’t have been cheap either!


When a major service is performed at SEQ Campers, we flush new brake fluid through the entire braking system and ensure that the brake calliper pistons are neither leaking nor seized. If they are seized even slightly, and not operating smoothly, this will cause the brake pads to drag and wear prematurely. But most importantly it could cause a vast amount of heat, potentially cooking your wheel bearings.

A KK trailer is an exceptionally well-designed and constructed unit which will last many years even when used in the harshest of conditions. Its longevity, however, is completely reliant on how well it has been maintained: If you look after it, it will look after you! Our major service here at SEQ Campers includes completing 29 standard checks, plus there are a further 25 optional checks or services such as internal/ external detailing, waterproofing the canvas seams, etc which can be provided to keep your unit in top nick.

If you require further information or you wish to book your KK in for a service at our workshop, please don’t hestitate to contact us either via email at service@seqcampers.com.au or Darryl at the workshop directly on 0421 393 195.

Cheers and safe travels from all of us here at SEQ Campers!