Shane McDougall

Searching for your next adventure? Me too! I recently took over SEQ Campers after having worked in the adventure industry for over 15 years. Fortunately for me and you, I have the opportunity to manage and grow SEQ CAMPERS so that we can both continue finding new remote hidden spots to visit it is my passion to help you go further go with confidence in absolute comfort.

Why SEQ?

Kimberley Kampers and Backtrax offer a clean premium convenient design alongside the simplicity of being able to set up camp in minutes. Good design is not funny gadgets or trendy fads. Good design has history. Good design leads to usability and I want you to go camping to your full potential. I want to turn your adventures into my actions, so send me your most amazing photos, your trips plans and we can continue this journey together. Let’s go further together!

Who am I?

You’ve probably seen me at the camping shows, on YouTube and on Facebook. I love finding handy tricks to make camping set up easier, simpler and faster. I just want to get to the good parts of enjoying the view from the camp fire.

Who we serve?

We serve clients who know the outback, and who know camping. Our clients are often the most knowledgeable campers around, and have done multiple trips around Australia.

What can I do for you?

I can offer you premium campers, caravans and roof top tents from Kimberley Kampers and Backtrax with passion, know-how and ideas.

Our Team

Darryl is the Service Manager for SEQ Campers with 9 years’ experience from a leading caravan manufacturer with multiple roles in servicing and customer service. He has real outback experience in servicing, with a great attitude and enthusiasm to help. With Darryl leading the team at SEQ we can offer technical support, product knowledge and diagnosing issues. He can talk you through problems on the phone if need be!

He’s and avid fisherman, hunter and four-wheel driver. He also comes with 30 years working experience from Cairn and all over Cape York in the wild frontier. His favourite camping spot is probably on a private cattle property out in the bush.

Ben has 17 years of experience in the industry. He has a passion for adventure, off-roading, fishing and camping. He has lots of real advice to give. His favourite camping spot is probably Oodnatte because of its remoteness and the chance of finding a fortune. But, he remarks, Fraser Island and Double Island Point are pretty good too. You will often catch Ben up before the sun throwing a fishing line in on the beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches.