Camping and Caravanning in Times of Coronavirus


Coronavirus has come as a big shock to us of in the Camping/Caravanning Industry, but we must keep our eyes on the future and where we will be in a few months. We may all be locked up at home for now, and many put in a good effort with the Camp at Home Heroes initiative. Being confined at home doesn´t have to be boring, but we are all looking forward to the day when we can travel again soon. The big question is when will that be?


That is an impossible question to answer. But one thing is sure, the places closer to home will be opening sooner than those far away. That is, we will all have to stay in our own backyards – but maybe just a little bit further away each time. We are all still able to go on our daily walks and beaches close to home. One day in the not too distant future, the national parks will open, and then campsites will open for in-state travellers. At some point after that the state borders will open, and somewhere in the distant future – hopefully- those international borders will open again. We have to take one step at a time.


So this is the time for locals in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast (and really all of South East Queensland) to service your Kimberley Kamper-trailers, Karavans and Kruisers. We at SEQ campers expect a big influx of necessary servicing in the months coming forward as no interstate or international travel means EVERYONE WILL BE WANTING TO GO CAMPING! Being stuck at home for a few months means we all have cabin fever, and what calms that down better than beautiful gorgeous wild Queensland?


Worried about social distancing? We have that organized with our no contact drop-off and payment services. Our service engineers follow the latest hygiene protocols, sanitizing and wearing fresh gloves between each customer. You drive in, we unhitch you and send you on your way without any risk.


Worried about the drive down to our SEQ Campers location in Nambour? We have a solution for that too. We have a service available to send someone out to you to pick up your camper-trailer or caravan at a pre-agreed fee (distance dependent). We are happy and eager to help you get your caravan out there are quickly as circumstances allow.


So, get your camper serviced with SEQ Campers at 07 5370 7933 get online and start planning those trips! Here are some good websites to check out in the meantime:


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