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Battery & Solar Upgrades
Paint & Welding Repairs & Upgrades
Servicing & Preventative Mainenance
Custom Parts & Quality Spares
Lighting & Safety Options & Upgrades

SEQ Servicing

Battery & Solar Upgrades
Paint & Welding Repairs & Upgrades
Servicing & Preventative Mainenance
Custom Parts & Quality Spares
Lighting & Safety Options & Upgrades

SEQ Servicing

Battery & Solar Upgrades
Paint & Welding Repairs & Upgrades
Servicing & Preventative Mainenance
Custom Parts & Quality Spares
Lighting & Safety Options & Upgrades

Kimberley Kampers
30th Edition



New 30th Anniversary Edition Eco-Suite comes with:

12 New features as standard

New Air and Hose Kit

Presented in a custom Kimberley Karry Bag, KK will offer a new heavy duty compressor hose kit including -:

  • a high accuracy 3 in 1 digital tire inflator gauge for pumping up tyres on the go. This features a digital LCD screen even when not connected to the compressor, a bleed valve for dropping tyre pressures quickly.

  • an adjustable air blow gun for cleaning dust and water off seals before opening or closing your unit

  • A quick connect high quality coiled hose lead able to reach all areas of the van.

  • Easily accessible Air chuck

New Remote Reservoir KK Shock Absorbers

As with all real offroading, the KK suspension’s have stood the test of time and have been rated some of the best in the market. Taking it to a new level we are pleased to release our next generation in KK Shocks by Profender racing. Valved and made to our exact specifications the remote reservoir shock absorbers allow our suspensions to run cooler for longer on the endless corrugations the Outback is famous for. The increased oil capacity allows better cooling and increases the service life of the oil. Additionally the added gas volume help compression and rebound valves to retain consistency under severe offroad conditions.

New 100% recycled PET flooring

First in Australia – 100% recycled ArmaPET flooring from Armacell. From an empty bottle to a high-tech foam, KK now uses 100% recycled plastic as a unique highly durable, high energy efficiency and fully sustainable solution to the flooring in the Karavan. With an added benefit of highly heat resistant, engineered and tested for strength and durability this new product paves the way forward for a sustainable future.

New Composite walls

Composite sandwich panel made from European FRP sheets and the core is a closed cell rigid extruded polystyrene. These are custom made inhouse at KK and CNC routed to precision. Not only class leading U-Values for insulation properties but the closed cell eliminates leaks and water ingress and has excellent strength. With strategically placed pultrusion, these vacuum bagged panels are extremely lightweight but also strong.

New grease points – Zerk fittings

Finally a user friendly option to ensure your suspension is always well lubricated without being a contortionist under the Van in the dust. The new remote Zerk fitting grease points make on the road maintenance a breeze. Our customers are more likely to keep them greased if it is easy to use.

New Step Cover

New 30th Anniversary branded Seadek foam step cover for the Bed Step creating an appealing and warm finish to the bed step at the base of the bed.

Cooker / Sink Swap

By strategically swapping the internal cooker with the sink, we have now created a “real” full size ensuite in the Karavan. No more comments about cooking whilst on the toilet, the factory are pleased to demonstrate they listen to their customers! This new area doubles up as an ensuite and vanity basin as well as a food prep or washing internal kitchen. Swapping the cabinetry has also given us more useable space.

New Ensuite Curtain

The new curtain enables the customer to use the toilet, shower and new “Vanity” area in complete privacy. Conveniently rolling back you still have the use of the full multimedia compliment from the seating area without major disruption.

New Neon full width tail light bar

To modernise the rear lighting on the Karavan we will develop a signature tail light configuration. The rear end of the Kimberley will become very noticeable and as well as being safer for the driver with better brake and park light visibility we believe the new look modernises the lighting we already have. A solid neon full width light bar finished in an impressive carbon print finish.

New Larger driver side windows

In our effort to bring the “outside in” and create as much natural light as possible, as much air flow as possible and as open plan living as possible, the Karavan Canopy gets a makeover with both driver side (right side) windows increasing in size by 60%. That is 60% more natural light, air flow and views.

48V Power Hub

Kimberley will be moving into the future of RV power with the adoption of 48V power systems. 48V presents a new way of running your KK.
• Higher Efficiency

• With a 48V system the configuration allows for a more direct energy path to run higher voltage appliances as we move away from a Gas Society. This efficiency is significant and when running Air conditioners, Induction cookers, microwaves, coffee machines and washing machines your energy savings can be exponential over a 12V system. With the higher voltage and lower amps there is a remarkable saving in voltage drop over distances once again increasing efficiency.

• Lighter wiring and cables

  • The cabling required to run high loads to your inverter and other appliances is significantly reduced in size and cost

    helping offset some of the higher costs of the system. • Safety

  • Because they run a higher efficiency while using fewer amps, a 48V system can operate appliances more safely than lower voltage systems.

• Better weight to power density
• Running a 48V battery pack your power to weight ratios are much higher than a 12V system. This can be as much as 20% better off.

48V Lithium SMART Batteries

The new 48V Battery systems will be available in a scalable configuration ranging from 2,000W Battery at 48V to a 10,000W at 48V power system that is the equivalent of over 800 amps at 12V (current KK lithium batteries)

The new 30th Anniversary Eco-Suite will have a 5,000W 48V battery as standard with an optional 5,000W battery doubling your power capabilities. With the X-Stream fast charging and the “coming soon” EV charge station charging capability, there will be plenty of options in the Karavan to replenish your power consumption.

7 New options for customisation

New In-Cab Airbag Monitor

To tie in with monitoring our critical suspension systems, we will be offering a new in-Cab Airbag monitoring system. This simply plugs into the cigarette lighter and allows you to keep tabs on your airbag pressures and alarms if any bag bursts or loses pressure. Can be used to upgrade all current models.

New – KK Stone Deflecta

Our in-house team have looked at various ways to protect our clients investment from stones and gibbers. In all our time we believe the Stone Stomper Concept has been one of the best tools to do the job. This was always a customised process and may not always work. We have now taken the best of what we have seen and integrated this into a KK Stone Deflecta. Custom made to fit our range this is made with high quality truck mesh and all stainless marine grade fittings.

ALL New – KK AirSoftTM Mattress

KK is proud to introduce the All new – Queen AIRLITE TM Mattress. With 40mm of memory foam and 110mm SUP inspired Aired Core giving x2 individually set levels of firmness each side, you can store all bedding on the bed, save over 65% weight on a traditional mattress and not feel your partner fidget all night! Eliminate condensation and increase comfort. With a packed down size of 65mm you can now leave all your bedding and pillows on the bed without fear of crushing the bed walls or breaking a seal on the windows. This will be revolutionary in our market.

New – V-Breathe Ioniser

All Natural Air Purifier and Sanitiser – Backed by science the Ionic Air purifier reduces airborne mould, viruses, bacteria and allergens in less than x2 hours. Our clients often suffer from respiratory or allergen based health issues. Living in a single small environment speeds up the multiplication of allergens, mould and bacteria. The V-Breathe creates a cleaner air to live in and has been medically proven to increase a healthier air environment. There are sensors built in to detect smoke, mould, carbon monoxide and harmful PM2.5 particles. A new era in CLEAN AIR!

E-Galley – Electric Weber Option

With the Introduction of the new 48V system this now allows us to run an E-Galley option for our outdoor cooking. This can only be done with the Large sink option and now is available with the new Weber Pulse 1000 BBQ. With a roasting trivet this is the pitmasters dream set up. This now totally eliminates the need for LPG on your camping trip. This 1800W BBQ takes outdoor living to a new level. Meat probe included!

E-Galley Storage options

In lieu of Gas Bottles

  • E-No Gas Firewood Option – a small platform to carry firewood next

    to the multi-box (Max 12kgs)

  • E-No Gas Storage Option – x2 Stainless Steel lockable storage boxes

Contactless hidden fast wireless charger

In our modern convenient technological world, KK have teamed up with InvisiQi to provide new under bench charger for smart phones and any technology that does contactless charging.
This will be strategically placed on the Karavan benchtop that allows instant charging without the need for unsightly cables and cords. This will be hardwired in and always accessible.