Sought after for their towing efficiency, off-road agility, super smart lay out & small parking footprint – it’s no wonder the E-Class Kimberley Kruisers are our #1 seller! Clever in compact design – living your outdoor adventurous dream never felt so good.

Weight reduction over previous models because of Lithium Battery  
Towball weight:120kg-150kg
Laser cut, interlocked, hot-dipped galvanised Chassis w/ 5 Year Chassis Warranty Independent trailing arm suspension;
Mono-tube shock absorbers +TREG off-road coupling + Dual Jockey Wheel
Hydraulic Disc Brakes plus assisted Electronic-control of Disc Brakes + One-Touch Park Brake Deflecta-Shield Stone Protection-“Protective Urethane Coating” coated stone shielding
Air Suspension with Individual Manual filling (no compressor or paddle valves)
Air Suspension Upgrade with on-board compressed air tank, compressor, paddle valves
| KAG0552PAK
Drawbar Extension for revolutionary reverse turning | KAG510_KRO
Reversing Camera ready with cable harness to suit customer vehicle puchase. Customer supplies camera and matching harness and it is installed | KAG069OO
Spare Tyre under Kruiser
KK Standard Off Road Steel Wheels and AT Tyres 16"-
KK Alloy Off Road Alloy Wheels and AT Tyres 17"
Kimberley have a library of body wrap choices in high definition data file. If you choose the body wrap option, Kimberley make this data file plus the shape template available to the body wrap contractor chosen by you and/or your dealer. The price to print the body wrap and install it on the Kruiser is between you and the contractor. Kimberley recommends
3M material. The high defini- tion file is licenced for the left and right hand sides to the contractor. Phone assistance is given by the factory to the contractor for the application. If you have your own high definition image for a personalized wrap, it needs to be 300DPI in an EPS, PSD or large scale JPEG file. | KAG892
E Class Paint Upgrade to S Class | KAG501
Upgrade Front E Model Endcap to look like a painted S Class
300L Multibox aluminium front storage box with holders for 2 x 20L Jerry Cans, dual 4.5kg gas bottles holders and space for a generator with tie-downs | KAG612-
Large UniPod fibreglass multibox front storage with holders for 2 x 20L Jerry Cans, dual 4.5kg gas bottle holders and space for a generator with tie-downs UPGRADE |
Side Storage Pak - Rear | KAG565OO
120L Water Tank for “General water” | KAG557-
Dual Water System (70L front + 120L rear) | KAG553O
60L Grey Water Tank for collection from sinks | KAG928_KRSO
Pressure Tank Kwik Fill SystemO
Cold Water Filter | KAG534O
Visiflow System (Allows pumping from Streams or Billabongs) | KAG360_KRO
Fitted Wind Out Awning
Bedouin Awning Extendable Awning | Kruiser EclassO
Full set of canvas mesh walls for fully enclosed wind & insect-free al fresco area | KAG194ROO
Diesel Hot Water with 4 outlets | KAG3601R
Diesel Air Heater Ducted WITH air speed controller 2kW rating | KAG357ROO
Winterized water tanks - Membrane heater and insulated hoses to prevent water freezing in cold climates (developed for USA, Canada & China export) | KAG9712OO
Harrier/Equivalent Roof Aircon central located.
Reverse cycle cooling (3.1kW) and heating (2.8kW) for stationary use. The clever engineering and design ensure high capacity,yet energy-saving cooling or heating, whilst retaining a light weight.
Requires 240V power supply. (This is mounted centrally at rear).
2.4kW Truma Rooftop Airconditioner (240V) - can be run from 240V site power or a Honda EU20i generator | CentralO
Powered Fan Hatch (Bed, Toilet, Shower) x3
12V Fan with Timer | KAG0461_KR - Each - Can choose x2OO
Midge Screens- Magnetic DoorsOO
Full-width ensuite with Shower, Electric Flush Toilet, Storage drawers, roof hatches, solid surface benchtop (CorianTM Equivalent), sink, hot & cold water
Diesel heater system for Ensuite | KAG559
Top-loading Washing machine on easy-access slide out tray | KAG558SO
Electric flush toilet (25-30 uses) | KAG730KR-
Automatic Waterless Toilet that separates #1’s and #2’s for up to 80 uses, with automatic proccessing | KAG734_KR
Waterless Toilet Second Liner | KAG734_SLOO
East West:Queen Size Dual Layer Foam Mattress (Medium Firmness)- | KAG535R_L
Underbed Storage Drawers for east west bed | KAG552RO-
North South: Retracting Island Bed (Gas strut assisted island bed from couch mode to bed mode, include dual underbed drawers) |
(Can NOT be selected with “Seat Conversion To Bunks|KAG9525” or “Double Bed Conver- sion Kruiser | KAG9526”
Bench seat that can be converted to bunk beds (see 4 Berth Conversion below) | KAG9511
Seat Conversion To Bunks (ONLY applies to Bench Seat) | KAG9525OO
Double Bed Conversion Kruiser | KAG9526OO
Upper Twin Beds Loft Vee Version includes Mattress | KAG9527VEE (NO Tunnel Boot)OO
Solid surface Tear Drop table | KAG9509
Steel stool with foam top and covered in same material chosen for seats | KAG9511S EACHOO
Rhinosuede Seating:
Charcoal (KAG953RS) or Champagne (KAG954RS) or Chocolate or Nordic Helm
Solid Leather Seating | KAG95310
Choose one colour from a selection of 27 different colours of 100% Australian hides Solid Microfibre Leather Seating | KAG95310
Choose one colour from a selection of 4 different colours of 100% Australian hides
Leather Seating with dual hides available- full face | KAG95311
Choose two colours from a selection of 27 different colours of 100% Australian hides (Full face)
Leather Seating with dual hides available- Insert | KAG95311i
Choose two colours from a selection of 27 different colours of 100% Australian hides (Insert)
NEW Smart Touch PLUS Power & Water Monitor
Smart Touch Plus Extended | KAG3410PLUS_EXT, Monitoring of:
} Solar array power
} Shock absorber temperatures
} Incline meter angle of pitch and roll (to see level of unit on smartphone app)
} Fridge temperature and refrigeration power used
20A Intelligent Batttery Charger + Inverter 400W True Sine Wave plus USB | KAG3632-
60A Intelligent Batttery Charger + Inverter 400W True Sine Wave plus USB | KAG3632
Power 2600W Inverter True Sine Wave with Auto cutover AC+60A Charger UPGRADE
| KAG364A
125Ah Lightweight Bluetooth Lithium Batteries-
200Ah Lightweight Bluetooth Lithium Batteries | KAG3491
Second 200Ah Lightweight Bluetooth Lithium Batteries | KAG3491OO
12V 40+A DC-DC Booster suits Lithium Batteries | KA9017OO
Anderson Plug Cable | KAG335 & Anderson Solar Input | KAG320
Flo-Glass Technology Solar 280W Roof-Mount & 20Amp MPPT Controller-
Flo-Glass Technology Solar 420W Roof-Mount-
Flo-Glass Technology Solar 630W Roof-Mount & 60 Amp MPPT Controller
Portable 140W Flo-Glass Technology Solar with 20A MPPT (can be placed remotely. Includes 10m lead and anderson plug connection)OO
Portable 210W Flo-Glass Technology Solar with 20A MPPT | (can be placed remotely. Includes 10m lead and anderson plug connection)OO
240V dual outlet - Kitchen top | KAG0821
240V dual outlet - Ensuite | KAG0822 & Microwave | KAG0823 12V outlet - outside kitchen | KAG089
USB charging outlets Kitchen | KAG087
USB Phone charging outlets either side of the bed for phone charging | KAG085
USB outlets - outside Kitchen | KAG088O
12V outlet & Ventilation in Unipod | KAG625PLUSO
LED lighting Kitchen and Seats | KAG1341
2x LED lights mounted above galley kitchen and 2x LED above seating/table area. These lights are mounted in the underside of overhead cabinets
LED bar light - Above bed, Front cupboard & Under bed Shower LED & 2 LED in Ensuite | KAG129
Luxury ceiling w/ centre spine LED lighting | KAG1351 LED Tail lights | KAG3891
LED Outside van light | KAG0372O
LED stalk light - In UniPod | KAG0370O
LED bar light -Outside kitchen | KAG0371O
LED Reading Stalk Lights Bed | KAG0373O
LED light driver side under windows | KAG0374OO
WiTi Wireless Trailer Plug Connection with built in Anti-theft and GPS trackingOO
INSIDE: Solid Surface (CorianTM Equivalent) Benchtop, Stainless Sink, Hot and Cold Water
INSIDE: 130L Upright Fridge with elevated speed, Freezer Section
INSIDE: Induction Inside Cooktop | KAG732INDUCTION
A great efficient electric cooktop which is placed onto the benchtop - Stand Alone
INSIDE: Inside Diesel Cooktop | KAG732DieselO
INSIDE: Microwave Oven | KAG825O
Galley Kitchen with large sink & 2-Burner Stove with Griller | KAG843
Galley Kitchen with large sink & Stainless Steel Marine Hooded BBQ | KAG844
Galley Kitchen with large sink & Weber® BabyQ™ BBQ | KAG843WO
* Large Single WOK Burner with large wind deflector ring | KAG605OO
Outside Sink Water Outlets Choice:
} Water taps w/Integrated Spout | KAG874
} Water Mixer w/Click-On Fitting - for attaching outdoor shower | KAG8740OO
Gas Bottle - 4.5kg and 2700mm Quick Connect stainless steel gas flexible gas line
DVD / CD / MP3 / AM / FM Player with internal soundbar-
DVD / CD / MP3 / AM / FM Player with upgraded BOSE soundbar
Upgraded Digital Communication System 4G | KAG068_4G
4G Industrial Internet Modem + High gain Antenna System for Hi-speed WiFi. Can take SIM cards
Celfi Go for Telstra - Omni pack installed to act as a repeater station for exceptional Outback reception for your mobile and 4G Comms System. Saves power and boosts receptionOO
Mission Critical Comms Pak upgrade - 4G Digital Comms set up plus Celfi Go Repeater Booster station added together - Bonus discountO
Bluetooth Soundbar (External) |KAG0392EOO
Kruisers TV Package | KAG735P_KR 28” LED TV plus chromecast Swivel Knuckle overhead consolO
VAST Automatic Roof - mounted Satellite TV System (German)- QUAD LNB | KAGC231RV Includes Automatic Antenna and Decoder Kimberley engineered mounting systemOO