ModelBlack Caviar T3

Nothing comes close to the luxury, security & strength of a Kimberley Kruiser. A thought leader in design & innovation, the T-Class is a true game changer that will allow you to escape on a whole new level of lifestyle & comfort

Weight reduction over previous models because of Lithium Battery  
Towball weight:220-320kg
Laser cut, interlocked, hot-dipped galvanised Chassis w/ 5 Year Chassis Warranty Independent trailing arm suspension + Anti-Sway Bar
Mono-tube shock absorbers +TREG off-road coupling + Dual Jockey Wheel
Hydraulic Disc Brakes plus assisted Electronic-control of Disc Brakes + One-Touch Park Brake Deflecta-Shield Stone Protection-“Protective Urethane Coating” coated stone shielding
Air Suspension with on-board compressed air tank, compressor, paddle valves UPGRADE
| KAG536
Air Suspension Auto Ride Height System | KAG0551_KVN | Remote Upgrade AppO
Drawbar Extension for revolutionary reverse turning | KAG510_KR
Inverted Mount for Drawbar Extension - suits vehicles with low hitch height | KAG512O
Reversing Camera ready with cable harness to suit customer vehicle puchase. Customer supplies camera and matching harness and it is installed | KAG069O
Spare Tyre under Kruiser x1 Std x1 OptionalO
KK Alloy Off Road Alloy Wheels and AT Tyres 17" x 4
1000L UniPod fibreglass front storage box with holders for 2 x 20L Jerry Cans, dual 4.5kg gas bottle holders and space for a generator with tie-downs UPGRADE | KAG614
5 Step Squeezebox Ladder | KAG070
10L Diesel Tank (plumbed to diesel heating system)
Side Storage Pak - Rear | KAG565O
120L Rear Water Tank(Smart Touch) | KAG557
200L Water tank (replaces 70L) | KAG544_KR
60L Reclaimed Water Tank with recyling system| KAG928_KRS
50L Extra Water Tank under the shower | KAG929_KRS
Pressure Tank Kwik Fill System
Visi-flow Access stream or billabong direct into Kruiser bypassing tanks | KAG3602
Extendable outside hot & cold shower | KAG845_KR
Fitted Wind Out Awning
Full set of canvas mesh walls for fully enclosed wind & insect-free al fresco area | KAG191O
Kruiser elevated Tropical Roof - 50mm higher than roof for reduced interior temperatures. Includes sail track on both sides for mounting Optional Kwik Sun Awnings | KAG743
Bedouin Awning Extendable Awning | Kruiser T-Class
Kwik Sun Awning - helps reduce the amount of sun light entering the kruiser | KAG197
Diesel Hot Water with 5 outlets | KAG3601_KR
Diesel Air Heater Ducted WITH air speed controller 2kW rating | KAG357R
Harrier/Equivalent Roof Aircon central located |
Reverse cycle cooling (3.1kW) and heating (2.8kW) for stationary use. The clever engineering and design ensure high capacity,yet energy-saving
2.4kW Truma Rooftop Airconditioner (240V) - can be run from 240V site power or a Honda EU20i generator | KAG842_SEATS
Powered Fan Hatch (Bed, Toilet, Shower) x3x3
Thermal Curtain for Bedroom | KAG195
12V Fan with Timer | KAG0461_KR eachO
Full-width ensuite with Shower, Electric Flush Toilet, Storage drawers, roof hatches, solid surface benchtop (CorianTM Equivalent), sink, hot & cold water.
Electric flush toilet (25-30 uses) | KAG730KR
Automatic Waterless Toilet that separates #1’s and #2’s for up to 80 uses, with automatic proccessing | KAG734_KR
Waterless Toilet Second Liner | KAG734_SLO
Top loading automatic washing machine | KAG558S
Front loading automatic washing machine upgradeO
Diesel Air heater system for Ensuite| KAG559
Innerspring Mattress (Superb Luxury) | KAG532
Dual Layer Foam Mattress (Medium Firmness) | KAG535
Fiberglass based Upper Twin Beds Loft Vee Version includes Mattress | KAG9527F_VEE (Has Tunnel Boot)O
Solid surface Tear Drop table | KAG9508
Steel stool with foam top and covered in same material chosen for seats | KAG9511S EACHO
T-Class Latin Seating | KAG9513
Latin lounge seat styled seating arrangement - perfect for 3-4. Add stools for additional seating (not supplied).
Latin Seat Conversion for younger child - 30 secs to set up | KAG 9512LSCO
Solid Leather Seating | KAG95310
Choose one colour from a selection of 27 different colours of 100% Australian hides Leather Seating | KAG95310
Solid Leather Seating with dual hides available-insert | KAG95313i
Choose two colours from a selection of 27 different colours of 100% Australian hides - (Insert)
NEW Smart Touch PLUS Power & Water Monitor
Smart Touch Plus | KAG3410PLUS, displaying:
} Battery capacity
} Voltage and current
} Water tank levels
Smart Touch Plus Extended | KAG3410PLUS_EXT, Monitoring of:
} Solar array power
} Shock absorber temperatures
} Incline meter angle of pitch and roll (to see level of unit on smartphone app)
} Fridge temperature and refrigeration power used
Power 2600W Inverter True Sine Wave with Auto cutover AC+60A Charger UPGRADE
| KAG364A
200Ah Lightweight Bluetooth Lithium Batteries | KAG3491
Second 200Ah Lightweight Bluetooth Lithium Batteries | KAG3491
Extra 200Ah Lightweight Bluetooth Lithium Batteries | KAG3491 Each. Can add up to x1 extra batteriesO
Anderson Plug Cable | KAG335 & Anderson Solar Input | KAG320
240V DIN Rail Mounted Lightning and poor power Surge Protector | KAG324
Flo-Glass Technology Solar 700W Roof-Mount & 40Amp MPPT Controller
Flo-Glass Technology Solar 910W Roof-Mount & 60Amp MPPT Controller
Portable 140W Flo-Glass Technology Solar with 20A MPPT (can be placed remotely. Includes 10m lead and anderson plug connection)O
Portable 210W Flo-Glass Technology Solar with 20A MPPT | (can be placed remotely. Includes 10m lead and anderson plug connection)O
Digital Photographer Charging 2 x 240V; 1 x 12V, 1 x USB in Seat Storage | KAGC23_ D4D One Double 240V power at Kitchen benchtop discretely placed on end of benchtop Individual 240V outlets under each bedside for Sleep Apnea machine(s) | KAG083 240V outlet under Seat at Dining Table | KAG084
USB Phone charging outlets either side of the bed for phone charging | KAG085 12V outlet & Ventilation in Unipod | KAG625PLUS
12V 40A DC-DC Booster suits Lithium Batteries | KA9017
Kruiser Highlight Interior | KAG9702 or KAG9703
Even better walk through height - suits 6ft4in tall people, gives the feeling of a luxury yacht, recessed LED lighting easy on eyes
One-touch Lighting for galley kitchen and ensuite bathroom with total of 6 sets of 3W 16LED clusters One-touch 3 way switching of toilet light from either side of Bed | KAG079 High Intensity (24V) LED lights above dining table that is dimmable | KAG080
High Intensity LED lights above outside kitchen, waterproof and is dimmable for campfire mood | KAG081 Reading lights and centre bedroom LED in 3 sets of Clusters
LED lights in storage areas totalling 5 sets of individually switch sealed lights LED Tail lights | KAG3891
LED light driver side under windows | KAG0374O
Solid Surface (CorianTM Equivalent) Benchtop, Stainless Sink, Hot and Cold Water
130L Upright Fridge/Freezer with elevated speed
2X30L Drawer fridge/ freezer mounted inside with galley kitchen | KAG558FIK
INSIDE: Induction Inside Cooktop | KAG732INDUCTION
A great efficient electric cooktop which inserts into the benchtop
INSIDE: Inside Diesel Cooktop | KAG732Diesel
Microwave Oven | KAG825
Gallery Kitchen with large sink & 2-Burner Stove with Griller | KAG843O
} 2-Burner Stove with Griller with Stainless Steel Lid
} Weber® BabyQ™ BBQ
} Large Single WOK Burner with large wind deflector ring | KAG605
Outside Sink Water taps w/Integrated Spout | KAG874
Gas Bottle - 4kg and 2700mm Quick Connect stainless steel gas flexible gas line
DVD / CD / MP3 / AM / FM Player with upgraded BOSE soundbar
Upgraded Digital Communication System 4G | KAG068_4G
4G Industrial Internet Modem + High gain Antenna System for Hi-speed WiFi. Can take SIM cards
Celfi Go for Telstra - Omni pack installed to act as a repeater station for exceptional Outback reception for your mobile and 4G Comms System. Saves power and boosts reception-
Mission Critical Comms Pak upgrade - 4G Digital Comms set up plus Celfi Go Repeater Booster station added together - Bonus discount
VAST Automatic Roof - mounted Satellite TV System (German)- QUAD LNB
| KAGC231RV Includes Automatic Antenna and Decoder Kimberley engineered mounting system