The real Australian outdoor experience starts with the original lightweight, compact & super tough Kimberley Kamper. Immerse you and your family in our awesome outback, with only canvas separating you and the great outdoors! With the best kitchen on the market – the outback cook wont be disappointed!

Weight reduction over previous models because of Lithium Battery  
Tare (without options and canvas choices)950kg1140kg
Towball weight:140-180kg180-240kg
Laser cut, interlocked, hot-dipped galvanised Chassis w/ 5 Year Chassis & Suspension Warranty
Independent trailing arm suspension
Drawbar Extension | KAG510O
Multi height Double Jockey Wheel | KAG410
Air Suspension | KAG0541PAK
Air Suspension with on-board Air Compressor, Air Tank & Gauges | KAG0551PAK
Remote Control Airbag Inflation via FOBO
Twin-tube shock absorbers | KAG5383-
Mono-tube Shock Absorbers Air Suspension Tuned | KAG5384
Hydraulic Disc Brakes (2000kg rating) | KAG5382 **must be ordered with KAG5384-
Power Assisted Hydraulic Disc Brakes (2000kg axle rating) Electronic Control & One-Touch Park Brake | KAG405
McHitch 2500kg Off road Easy hitch HitchOO
DO35 - 3500kg Off Road HitchOO
TREG off-road coupling & “Protective Urethane Coating” coated stone shielding
Paint Finish: Silver or White (high-quality gloss two pack)
Custom Match Paint: match standard vehicle colours (including metallic finishes). Example of paints included in this range: ‘Nara Bronze’, Toyota 1G3 etc. | KAG505OO
Custom Premium Paint: match Special Premium vehicle colours (including special metallic
and pearl finishes). Examples: Black, Burgundy, dark metallic paints, Toyota 200 Series Pearl White etc. | KAG504
Spare Tyre under camper trailer
KK Standard Off Road Steel Wheels and AT Tyres 15"-
KK Alloy Off Road Alloy Wheels and AT Tyres 17"
120L Rear Water Tank+ Water Level Monitoring-
Dual Water System (70L front + 120L rear) | KAG553
Water Tank Outlet Tap | KAG400
Cold Water Filter | KAG534O
Pressure Tank Kwik Fill System
Visiflow System | KAG3603
Extended Tent Body | KAG111
Advanced Tent Body | KAG112** (Only available with Air Conditioner Option)OO
All weather window | KAG015O
Integrated Ensuite with Walls | KAG214O
Waterless Toilet Integrated Ensuite with Walls | KAG214BO
Tropical Roof | KAG221OO
2.0x6.7m Kwik Awning LED with Zip | KAG223
} Kwik Awning - Rear L Wall | KAG226OO
} Kwik Side Wall + Door - KAG227OO
} Kwik Front L Wall | KAG228O
} Kwik Front A-Frame Wall | KAG229OO
} Kwik Awning Full Walls Kit (incl Draught skirt) | KAG230OO
Ultra-light Bedouin Kwik Combo Awning | KAG224O
Kamper Draught Skirt | KAG235OO
Rear Bedroom Extended | KAG246OO
Rak Sack Storage Bag Delta | KAG4000OO
Automatic Waterless Toilet that separates #1’s and #2’s for up to 80 uses, with automatic proccessing | KAG734_KPROO
Waterless Toilet Second Liner | KAG734_SLOO
Diesel Air Heater Ducted WITH air speed controller 2kW rating | KAG357ROO
Diesel Space Heater | KAG042OO
Dual Layer Foam Mattress | KAG535
Innerspring Plush Mattress | KAG532
No Mattress | KMG084
2.2kW Split Air Conditioning System | KAG046 ** (Must select KAG112 - Advanced Tent)OO
12V Tent Fan System | KAG0461O
Dual Locking Fridge Slide (Not available with Upright Fridge)
Storage Drawer on Driver Side | KAG886 (Must have “Locking Fridge Slide” selected)OO
85L upright fridge with freezer compartment for ice | KAG105A
12L Freezer on slide & plug points (removable to vehicle if desired) | KAG105BOO
Stainless Steel Slide-out Kitchen
Integrated Stainless Steel Breakfast Table for slide-out kitchen UPG | KAG020O
UNI Cooker Slide with Cooker Slide - 2x Burner front pantry drawer-no upper split drawer
| KAG879
UNI Cooker Slide -Upper split Drawer for KAG879 | KAG879DO
UNI Cooker Slide with Split-Sliding Pantry - WOK+2 Burner | KAG875U *
UNI Cooker Slide with Split-Sliding Pantry - WOK+ BBQ | KAG878U *
UNI Cooker Slide with Split-Sliding Pantry - 2 Burner + BBQ | KAG878V *
DUAL Cooker Slide - WOK +2 Burner| KAG880 *
DUAL Cooker Slide - WOK + BBQ | KAG877 *
4kg LPG Gas Bottle + Quick Connect S/S Flexible Gas Line | KAG665✔ ✔
* Cooker slides with WOK & 2-burner / BBQ / WeberQ require additional Gas Bottle+Gas Line to be ordered unless already included)
NEW Smart Touch PLUS Power & Water Monitor
NEW Smart Touch PLUS Power & Water Monitor Smartphone App Bluetooth connected
Smart Touch Plus Displaying Battery capacity, voltage current and water tank levels
Smart Touch Plus Displaying Battery capacity, voltage current, water tank levels, solar array power, 85L upright fridge temperature and refrigeration power used
20A Intelligent Battery Charger | KAG774-
60A Intelligent Battery Charger | KAG775
125Amphr Intelligent Bluetooth Lithium Battery | KAG 3492-
200Amphr Intelligent Bluetooth Lithium Battery | KAG 3491
300Amphr Intelligent Bluetooth Lithium Battery - UPGRADEOO
Inverter 2600W Pure Sine Wave & Remote Monitor | KAG366OO
12V Outlets / 240V Outlets4 / 34 / 3
12V 40+A DC-DC Booster suits Lithium Batteries | KA9017OO
Anderson Plug Cable | KAG335O
Anderson Solar Input | KAG320O
WiTi Wireless Trailer Plug Connection with built in Anti-theft and GPS trackingOO
80W Ultra-Thin Merlin Solar on Front Gullwing Voltage/Solar current meter MPPT| KAG393
Portable 170W Ultra-thin USA Merling Technology Solar with 20A MPPT Includes 10m lead and anderson plug connection) | KAG3932RO
Dual Reading LED Stalk Lights | KAG037O
2 x Dual LED Lights (Bug Off) over cooker in Delta Box, Dual LED light near sink on Kitchen slide and 96 LED light on overhead bow inside tent.
LED Tail Lights | KAG3891O
Dual LED Light Passenger & Driver Side Delta box, over dining bench & underneath bed | KAG386 - Dual Colour Bug off LED lightsO
1500L Delta Box with front storage box with Fridge ventilation fan. Space for x2 Jerry cans and Generator - upto a Eu20i
Delta Aeropod Storage Box(top of Delta Box) KA029. 330L Space is water and dust sealed - ideal for storing folded chairs, canvas, solar panels and other bulky items. Not available with Split AirconditioningOO
Vertical Pantry
Dual Pantry Slide on Driver’s side with bottom drawer holding 12L freezer| KAG105C (ONLY available with Upright Fridge)O
Utility shelf for Jerry Can Storage | KAG883 (Not available with Waterless Toilet)O
Utility shelf Generator Storage | KAG882O
Underbed Stainless Storage Drawer | KAG590O
Side Storage Pak - Rear | KAG565O
Side Storage Pak - Front | KAG560OO
Concealed Safe under bed | KAG028O
Boat Loader for 3.9m TinnieOO
Mariner PAK - Outboard SSA, Boat Loader, Alloy Boat Trailer & Trailer FrameOO
Boat Loader Risers – For loaders with AeroPod fitted to GullwingOO
SwingAway - 3x Jerry Cans | KAG435OO
SwingAway - Tyre & Jerry Can | KAG450OO
SwingAway - Outboard Carrier | KAG445OO
SwingAway - Bicycle Carrier | KAG441OO
Integrated Pole Carrier
Bluetooth Soundbar in the front Delta box lid | KAG0392 (iPod / iPhone / Android/AM / FM
/ USB / MP3, Integrated Bluetooth music streaming & remote control)
Digital Multimedia 24” Cinema Package with Chromecast | KAG065
• Bluetooth Soundbar in the front Delta box lid | KAG0392
• 24” Portable TV w/bracket | KAGC22_KPR
Upgraded Digital Communication System 4G | KAG068_4G
4G Industrial Internet Modem + High gain Antenna System for Hi-speed WiFi. Can take SIM cards
Celfi Go for Telstra - Omni pack installed to act as a repeater station for exceptional Outback reception for your mobile and 4G Comms System. Saves power and boosts receptionOO
Mission Critical Comms Pak upgrade - 4G Digital Comms set up plus Celfi Go Repeater Booster station added together - Bonus discountOO