2020 Kimberley Kampers Classic


2020 Kimberley Kampers Classic

Come and see the Newest 2020 Kimberley Kamper

New to the Kimberley Range

Options included

Pressure Fill Water systems, with 120 l and 70 l water tanks

upgraded to 200 Amp Lithium Batteries with a 40 Amp upgraded Charger

New Switch Panel with USB and 240 power points

Standard Kimberley Kitchen with sliding drawer and 2 burner cooker with grill.

Touch Screen Si

Marine Tropical Roof and Ensuite Room,

Includes a Rear Bedroom and Kwik Awning

Brand New Kimberley Kamper Kargo Keepers

The Easy opening and fine finishes of the Kamper is all part of this tough package

Independent Trailing Arm suspension with Air Bags and over ride disc brakes

Available to view at SEQ Campes Sunshine Coast QLD