New Posture Deluxe and Memory Foam Mattresses to Suit All Kimberley Kampers Units


Under normal conditions a mattress should be replaced every 6-8 years.

Has the time come to give your Kimberley a new mattress?

SEQ Campers has locally sourced Posture Deluxe Memory Foam Mattresses with 2 corners cut to suit all Kimberley Kampers models.

There are options to suit every customer from firm to super soft and everything in between.

Posture Deluxe

Memory Foam Laminated

2 Corners Cut to suit all Kimberley Kampers Products.

Prices starting at $600 for Firm Mattresses to $750 for Super Soft Mattresses.

Please note that the below pricing is in store. Freight will be estimated upon request, Please direct all your enquiries to and include your preferred postal address so we can quote the freight accurately for you.


Additional information

Firm Mattress
Super Soft Mattress

Super Soft Mattress

Posture Deluxe, Medium Foam + Soft Memory Foam Laminated Mattress, 2 corners cut

Firm Mattress

Posture Deluxe, Firm Foam Mattress, 2 Corners Cut