Spare Parts Kits for Disc Brake Trailers


SEQ Campers have put together their recommended spare parts kits for disc brake KK trailers (drum brake kits available upon request). With our own customized spares bag with your needs covered.

Only one part type (bearings etc.) is listed for emergencies (but you might like to add extra bearings and seals to your kit as a security in the event that the need arises to get your trailer serviced or have an issue somewhere out in the sticks).

Don’t pay “outback” prices for the parts or worse still have to interrupt your holiday and be stuck somewhere waiting for parts to be freighted to you!

SEQ Campers have included a full set of brake pads in the kit as regional areas are unlikely to have suitable parts in stock.

Note: T3 owners would also be advised to add extra bearings and seals to their kits as they have an extra set of axles.

Please note that the below pricing is in store. Freight will be estimated upon request., Please direct all your enquiries to and include your preferred postal address so we can quote the freight accurately for you.


Recommended Spare Parts Kits

Estimated Price for Spare Parts Kits for Disc Brake Trailers$375 parts dependent
H/duty custom made vinyl folding spare parts bag$65-
Inner wheel bearing x 1$45-
Outer wheel bearing x 1$25-
Marine hub seal x 1$25-
Grease cap/split pin/axle nut/axle washer$15.50
Premium quality ceramic low dust brake pads (2prs)$95-
Assorted blade fuses x 6$6-
Anderson plug (grey 50amp with terminals)$12.50
Trailer plug to suit your vehicle x 1$16- to $20-
Fuchs premium quality wheel bearing grease cartridge$18.95
Treg tow pin R clip x 1$3.50
Jockey wheel retaining spring clip x 2 (also suits Karavan rear stabilizer legs)$7.90
Rated D shackles x 2$13-