Caravan Insurance vs Mechanical Breakdown Insurance: Which is what and why?

So here’s the deal. You’ve just bought the caravan of your dreams. Or you’ve just had your yearly service on your caravan. So now you’re wondering if there is anything else to do to protect your investment and both to save yourself time and money in the long run.

Caravan insurance would cover you for accidental damage, fire, theft or attempted theft, storms, floods, malicious damage, hail and accidents. This cover comes through many different providers and at many different levels including extras such as full replacement of the caravan in certain circumstances, emergency accommodation following an accident or loss, and legal and personal liability cover. It is well worth it to get a quote from several difference companies to get the best cover for your specific needs.

However, what happens in the even there hasn’t been a flood, nor a fire, there’s no hail in sight, your caravan has sustained no damage, nor has anyone attempted to steal it. But your microwave is on the blink for some reason. Or your fridge leaks a bit more every day (and your food just isn’t keeping as long). The stove isn’t heating properly anymore or the washer just won’t turn on anymore. These are all breakdowns we are well familiar in our houses. Mechanical Breakdowns are unfortunately a fact of modern life. Sometimes you just buy a lemon of an appliance. And really it is nobody’s fault. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance covers you against failures of the original manufacturer’s warranty that are now expired.


Especially after your factory warranty has expired, the risk of failure or breakdown tends to increase. Just like Caravan Insurance, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is tailored to your needs, and you choose the level of cover that suits your circumstances. One of the amazing benefits of AWN Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is the fact that it is transferable with your Caravan so that if you reach a stage where you want to sell your caravan there is added value and security for your buyer. Security for the future- saving you both time and money!