So you’ve bought a great Kimberley Kampers product, and everything is running smoothly. Your Kamper Trailer doesn’t have so much as a rip in the canvas, your Karavan battery seems to be running optimally and your Kruiser is the envy of your neighbours.

Why bother with a yearly service when you’ve had no problems so far? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Not quite, says SEQ Campers Service Manager Darryl. A camper or a caravan is exactly like a car and you need to get it serviced at maximum every 10,000 kilometres (or minimum once a year if you’re not travelling that far). Both the camper trailer and the caravan will be under a fair bit of strain. Your average caravan wheel bearings take more weight than a tow vehicle!

Protecting your expensive investment is an investment itself

It leads to much lower running costs and greater resale value. It makes the camper much more reliable on trips so that you will have a minimum of unexpected breakdowns and failures. It is particularly important to check the brakes, the bearings, the tyre pressures, and the running lights. The cops love to stop people with malfunctioning lights! It’s also important to maintain the tow hitch and the jockey wheel since wear and tear could lead to premature failure.

Darryl remembers a particular job on a camper where the wheel bearing hadn’t been serviced in 20,000 kilometres. One day out in the outback of central Queensland, the wheel bearing collapsed and the camper had to be towed back to SEQ Campers on a tow truck with the wheel at a completely awkward angle. The customer had to replace the hub, the brakes and the swingarm amongst other parts. It was an expensive mistake to make at almost $5000 dollars just for the repair job (that’s not taking into account the towing or the rest of the expenses).

On the other hand, Darryl also recalls a 2004 camper that was properly serviced and brought into every appointment. It lasted 400,000 kilometres easily and was constantly travelling around Australia. It ended up being sold for $3000 more than it had originally been purchased for.

SEQ Campers also offers AWN Mechanical Breakdown insurance as a service for both new and used caravans for those accidents that just can’t be planned for.

Visit or call SEQ Campers for more information on insurance, and make sure you keep on top of your servicing at SEQ Campers to keep your Kimberley Kamper in the best shape possible, with low running costs and a great return on investment!